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Demedash Effects 112+ Preamp Driver Pedal

Demedash Effects 112+ Preamp Driver Pedal

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Demedash Effects 112+ Preamp Driver Pedal

Equipped with an enormous 32 Volt headroom the 112+ Preamp Driver mkII is a true professional-grade gain staging device with an impressively low noise floor. The 112 was designed not only to sound amazing on its own, but to compliment and enhance the sounds you've already perfected, stacking beautifully with other devices to lend them even more push, grit and power.

  • 3 Selectable gain modes allow you to dial in vintage trebly jangle, mid-humped drive, and fat distortion.
  • A unique clipping scheme causes your signal to hit multiple clipping thresholds before having the edges rounded off, yielding a compressed & rounded drive character strikingly similar to the response of a heavily driven 12AX7 preamp tube.
  • A 3-band active EQ gives you boost/control over the Bass, Mid, and Treble ranges for an incredible range of sculpting capabilities.

      Demedash Effects 112+ Preamp Driver Pedal Review

      Demedash Effects 112+ Preamp Driver Pedal Features

      The MkII version rolled out in 2021, hugely improves on the original:

      • Drive control is extended in both directions: Cleaner cleans & thicker saturation.
      • A high-passed clean boost is blended with low-passed grit to deliver a chimey, full-frequency blast, improving vastly on the dark sound of the original.
      • The level of the circuit automatically self-adjusts as gain increases, so you don’t need to constantly adjust the output level every time you turn up the drive.

      Demedash Effects 112+ Preamp Driver Pedal Specs

      • 9v DC Operation, 60mA draw
      • 125B Size
      • Clean Boost & Distortion
      • Internal voltage booster circuit gives 32v headroom
      • Hand-made in Canada using top-quality components

      What's in the box of our Demedash Effects 112+ Preamp Driver Pedal?

      • 112+ Preamp Driver Pedal
      • Demedash Effects Branded Pedal Box
      • Cloth Bag
      • Demedash Effects and DeathCloud Stickers
      • Demedash Effects Guitar Picks
      • Rubber Feet
      • Demedash Effects Artsy Manual
      • Candy

      MkI released in February 2019, MkII soft-launched mid 2021

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