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Dirty Haggard Arachnid Pedal | All Colors Available

Dirty Haggard Arachnid Pedal | All Colors Available

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Arachnid Pedal Dirty Haggard Audio

The Dirty Haggard Audio Arachnid is an octave fuzz pedal based on the Fender Blender. The tone circuitry has been restructured for optimal performance, and the knob has been removed since the original's sweep was too dark. The input frequency response has also been reworked to prevent attenuation of lows in the clean bypass, making it suitable for bass players. In addition, a NOS germanium diode has been added to the clipping section, along with the familiar 4148, to produce a harmonically rich asymmetrical distortion.

The pedal offers rich and highly usable fuzz tones at lower gain settings while producing distorted sounds at higher gain settings.

Furthermore, the Dirty Haggard Arachnid pedal is quiet when not used and produces a raging sound when played.

Dirty Haggard Arachnid Pedal Review

What's in the Box of the Dirty Haggard Audio Arachnid Pedal?

  • Dirty Haggard Audio Arachnid Pedal
  • Dirty Haggard Branded Pedal Box
  • Random Dirty Haggard Sticker

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