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Ground Control Audio Tsukuyomi Pedal

Ground Control Audio Tsukuyomi Pedal

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Tsukuyomi Pedal by Ground Control Audio

The Tsukuyomi is the midrange-voiced counterpart to the Amaterasu. It has a flat gain of 26dB and an optional extra gain of 12dB in the 880Hz-1KHz band.

Ground Control Audio Tsukuyomi Review

Tsukuyomi Midrange Boost Specs

Power requirement: 5mA @ 9VDC

Power supply: Center-negative 9VDC (does not support 18VDC)

Maximum Gain (main): 26dB

Maximum Gain (mid boost): 12dB

Mid boost: 880Hz-1KHz BPF

Bypass type: Mechanical true bypass

In 2018, Ground Control released the Tsukuyomi, which is the mid-range counterpart of their successful Amaterasu bright boost. This pedal was created based on user feedback and the company's own playing experience. The Tsukuyomi has the same circuitry as the Amaterasu, with the exception of a different filter configuration for its extra gain stage. This feature is now tuned for a narrower midrange band to help guitars stand out in the mix, especially when playing alongside a loud bassist. 

The Tsukuyomi is built with a 26dB maximum gain op-amp stage, and it also has an optional active bandpass filter and a discrete jfet input buffer. These features ensure maximum input signal integrity. The Tsukuyomi is often sold in combination with its treble-oriented counterpart, the Amaterasu. It is designed for players who are seeking a specific, easy-to-use tone-shaping tool and for whom the Noodles might be overkill.

What's in the Box of our Ground Control Audio Tsukuyomi Pedal?

  • Tsukuyomi Pedal
  • Branded Pedal Box
  • Ground Control Audio and DeathCloud Stickers
  • Guitar Pick
  • Info Card
  • Candy

*Do not power with anything other than a center-negative 9VDC power supply. This pedal uses circuitry to double up the 9VDC power supply and you do not want to feed it any more. This kills the pedal and will void the warranty. You will be charged for repairs.

Ground Control Audio Tsukuyomi Manual

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