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Mid-Fi Electronics Demo Tape Fuzz Pedal

Mid-Fi Electronics Demo Tape Fuzz Pedal

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This pedal is delayed until July 21st. The pedal builder is moving and is unavailable to build during the 7th-20th. Place your order today to be first in line when he returns!

Mid-Fi Electronics Demo Tape Fuzz Pedal

Designed to replicate the distortion created by plugging an instrument directly into a 4-track/mixer/mic preamp. From rugged to beautiful.

Mid-Fi Electronics Demo Tape Fuzz Review


  • Volume
  • Bass
  • Treble
  • Trim


  • True Bypass
  • 9V DC (negative tip)

What's in the Box of the Mid-Fi Electronics Demo Tape Fuzz Pedal

  • Mid-Fi Electronics Demo Tape Fuzz Pedal
  • Mid-Fi Electronics Branded Pedal Box

Mid-Fi Electronics pedals come in a random color. The pedal makers choose at random when creating them. Please note that the pedal you receive will most likely be a different color than what is pictured in this listing. We cannot provide returns due to the pedal's color. You can however, request a certain color while ordering, and we'll pass the request to the manufacturer before proceeding. If you have a special color request, it must be done during the ordering process.

    Customer Reviews

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    Sean McLaurin

    The pedal arrived on time and in perfect condition. I mentioned that I liked the purple but was open to whatever they had and I got a really sharp magenta/hot pink version with purple knobs. It is the best looking pedal on my board and I couldn't be happier. It is solid and does everything that I wanted it to do. Nice and clean boost all the way to super fuzzy distortion. Great job Mid-Fi and thanks to Lauren from Death Cloud for your support.

    Thanks Sean for the feedback! We really appreciate your support for our small business and we're happy that you've had a good experience with us so far. Mid-Fi makes great pedals and we're very happy to work with them. Enjoy your new pedal and let us know if we can be of help again in the future!