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MMK Electrics Type 32 Pedal | PNP Boost

MMK Electrics Type 32 Pedal | PNP Boost

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MMK Electrics Type 32 Pedal

The MMK Electrics Type 32 Pedal is Jordan’s personal favorite circuit, Range Treble Booster inspired effect with a spin. Built with NOS Element #32 PNP Germanium Transistors.

Standard Gain Option

    Transistors used are low leakage and have a beta of 70-100hFE.

    We do put a spin on the circuit with the “Frequency” knob. Full CW will put emphasis on the highs but also will cut some boost. This helps control some harshness on the highs.

    Adjusting the Frequency from 2 O”clock to full CCW will put emphasis on Mids, and also will produce a distinct push in output.

    Use “Amplitude” to tame the circuit, and bring the output down some if your neighbors are pissed, but leaving this dimed is fun.

    Lower Gain Option

    I have thousands of transistors, mostly collected from rural travels across Alaska. Many of these do not fit the normal gain value used in a “Treble Booster”.

    Well, I decided to try some lower gain value transistors one day a while back, and WOW! Completely blown away. The lower gain option is really great for a first gain stage in your signal chain, but don’t be misled. There is plenty of boost to break up the front end if wanted.

    Transistors used are metal can NOS low leakage and have a beta of 30-60hFE.

    MMK Electrics Type 32 Pedal Specs

    • Center Negative 9VDC Only
    • Vintage NOS Transistors
    • True Bypass
    • Jacks & Power top-mounted
    • 4.89"L x 3.05"W x 2.31"H
    • 20mA @ 9vdc
    • Hammond 1590B3 Enclosure
    • Marconi Burgundy Knobs
    • Grey/Burgundy Graphic Plate
    • White Status LED
    • Through Hole Design
    • Dual Point Bias for every BJT used
    • Bias Info recorded inside pedal

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