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OBNE Minim Ambient Machine Pedal

OBNE Minim Ambient Machine Pedal

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OBNE Minim Ambient Machine Pedal

Minim is a reverb, delay, and reverse paired together. The reverb features pseudo-harmonic tremolo to give character to the trails, the delay is lightly modulated for a chorusing effect, and the reverse can run at normal or double speed. Reverb runs into delay, and reverse can be placed first or last in the signal chain, allowing a one-stomp-shop of ambience.

OBNE Minim Ambient Machine Pedal Review

OBNE Minim Ambient Machine Pedal Controls

  • Reverb to set reverb mix
  • Modulation and Decay for the reverb
  • Delay to set delay volume
  • Time and Feedback for the delay
  • Blend for the reverse
  • Order toggle to set reverse location
  • Speed to set reverse speed (normal or double)
  • Expression jack for external control of Blend
  • Momentary or latching operation of the reverse section with the Reverse footswitch
  • Soft-touch main Bypass footswitch for true bypass and minimal switch noise

What's in the box of our OBNE Minim Ambient Machine Pedal?

  • Minim Ambient Machine Pedal
  • OBNE Branded Pedal Box
  • OBNE Pin
  • OBNE and DeathCloud Stickers
  • OBNE Guitar Pick
  • OBNE Artsy Manual
  • Candy

Requires 9V DC center negative 2.1mm jack power supply capable of 170mA (not included)

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