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What can a Phaser Pedal do?

Spice up your playing by adding motion and depth to your guitar lines with the help of a phaser pedal.

Phaser pedals are modulation effect pedals that add whooshes and sweeps to the instrument’s signal. It works by splitting the audio signal into two, altering the phase of one of them before blending them back together. This creates a variety of peaks and troughs in your audio signal’s spectrum, creating the signature phaser effect.

Modern phasers usually have control knobs for depth, rate, and resonance, giving you the flexibility to tweak the effect to your preference. You can adjust a phaser pedal anywhere from subtle phasing to in-your-phase swirls.

History of the Phaser Pedal

The earliest accounts of the phaser effect date back to the late 1960s, during the height of the psychedelic music era. It started as a studio effect that was achieved using tape machines. The technique involved manipulating tape reels to create the phasing effect.

By 1971, the Maestro PS-1 was introduced. It was the first phaser effect pedal available commercially. The pedal’s inventive swirling sound quickly gained popularity among guitarists seeking an added edge to their music.

Throughout the 1970s, more brands followed the fad by making their phaser pedals. Brands like Electro-Harmonix and MXR released their well-known phaser effects Electric Mistress and Phase 90, respectively. This helped with the evolution of the pedal and gave musicians more options to choose from.

With digital advancements over the decades, phaser pedals have evolved with more sophisticated designs that offer better control and flexibility. This made the phaser effect a staple across various genres with its unique ability to add texture and depth to sonic landscapes.

Who uses Phaser Pedals?

The phaser pedal’s versatility made it a sought-after effect across genres, including funk, rock, indie, and electronic music. Its quirky modulation allows musicians to dial in the perfect amount needed for their taste.

Legendary rock guitarists like Eddie Van Halen and Jimi Hendrix are famous for incorporating phaser pedals into their performance rigs. They used the phaser effect to add richness and texture to their tasteful guitar lines.

Even bassists, vocalists, and keyboardists employ phaser pedals to add depth to their tones. The versatility of phaser pedals extends to producers and sound engineers as well. They utilize the effect to add inventive modulations to recordings and mixes, guaranteeing that the record immediately piques the interest of any listener.

Why You Need a Phaser Pedal

If you want to add extra flavor to your guitar tone, then a phaser pedal would do the trick. You’ll reach sonic territories you didn’t know existed with the quirky modulations that a phaser effect pedal creates.

You can add motion to your guitar solos with a tinge of swoosh from a phaser pedal. Even your rhythm parts can sound richer with the extra texture that phasers add to your tone. You can also use the phaser pedal to create atmospheric soundscapes that will engage listeners of your music.

Whether you are a professional musician or a hobbyist, a phaser pedal’s versatility guarantees an endless exploration of sonic landscapes for your music.

Where to Buy Phaser Pedals

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