About Us

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Who is DeathCloud?

DeathCloud is a small, family-owned business from Clovis, CA. We're dedicated to providing quality, affordable pedals. We've been providing effects pedals to the central valley since January of 2023.

How did DeathCloud get its Name?

I used to dabble in building pedalboards, and the finished result reminded me of clouds, so I was thinking of starting a company with Cloud in the name. There were a lot of supply issues and other things that came along with it, so I wasn't able to proceed with it at that time. When starting this company, I still liked the sound of having cloud in the name but I wanted it to be unique sounding. At the time, I was watching Cartoon Network's Regular Show, and there was a character on it for one episode called Death Bear. It stuck with me, and I thought it was funny, so I combined the two names to create DeathCloud.

Why Shop at DeathCloud?

DeathCloud sets itself apart by offering free shipping, fast customer service response times and merch with every order. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We looking forward to connecting with you!

Email: sales@deathcloudpedals.com

Text/Call: (559) 777-9213