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Who is Haunted Labs?

In the realm of music, there exists a potent catalyst for chaos and creativity: Haunted Labs pedals. With each plug-in, a guitarist unleashes a tempest of unpredictable forces, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary. Beneath the serene exterior of every pedal lies a reservoir of untamed energy waiting to be harnessed. As musicians summon these volatile spirits, a symphony of cool and crazy unfolds, reshaping soundscapes with every note. It's an invitation to tap into the dark energy that pulses through each USA-made specimen, offering a spectrum of lovely yet lethal flavors. Embrace the danger, they say. Dive into the madness and infuse your music with a dose of thrilling uncertainty. Keep It Haunted!

How to Power Haunted Labs Pedals?

No batteries are needed for any of our pedals. Disposable batteries are a nightmare for our planet. Normally Haunted Labs is a big advocate for nightmares, except when it comes to killing the environment. Haunted Labs pedals use 9-volt external power supply. Virtually any industry standard power supply will work. (We prefer Voodoo Lab.. just saying.)

What is Haunted Labs Warranty?

Haunted Labs pedals are guaranteed to be free from manufacturer defects for 1 year from the date of purchase. (This warranty is non-transferable.) After that, if you should have any issues, we will fix them for a nominal bench fee.

Items Covered by Warranty: Circuit, LED, Footswitch and Pots.

Items Not Covered by Warranty: Paint, Screws, Enclosure, Knobs, Modifications or Negligence.

Do Haunted Labs Pedals come with Pedal Bags?

We thought we could either have fancy bags or a curse by a half-naked high priestess, and well -- we chose both. (Obviously.) Plus, you will receive some wicked swag, just to show our appreciation for choosing Haunted Labs!