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Who is Spicy Pedals?

Spicy Pedals was founded by Rolf Ruiz, who began his journey in Dallas, Texas, driven by a profound love for creating the ultimate guitar tones. As the founder of the company and the driving force behind the band S.A. de C.V., Spicy Pedals represents more than just a business endeavor for Rolf—it embodies his lifelong immersion in the world of music.

The genesis of this venture traces back to a pivotal moment when Rolf's cherished multi-effects processor, a Digitech RP21D, malfunctioned, leaving him stranded without his essential musical tools. Faced with this setback, local guitar stores proved unable to provide a solution, amplifying Rolf's sense of musical disconnection. However, from this challenge emerged a newfound curiosity that would alter the course of his musical journey.

Turning to BiasFX 2 on an iPad, Rolf delved into the realm of iconic pedals such as the Tube Screamer and the Big Muff, embarking on a voyage of sonic exploration. This experimentation proved revelatory, unveiling a vast tapestry of guitar tones and creative possibilities that ignited Rolf's imagination, marking the inception of an exciting new chapter in his musical odyssey.