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Anode Effects Pedals

Anode Effects is a dedicated one-man operation based in the Bay Area of California. Founded by Jarrod, the company was born out of a passion for creating guitar pedals that combine the beloved qualities of vintage models with modern usability, ensuring they fit seamlessly on any pedalboard.

Jarrod's journey began with a simple desire: to build pedals that not only replicated the charm and tone of classic vintage pedals but also offered contemporary features. This quest led to the creation of the Dragon overdrive pedal, a unique product distinguished by its innovative design. The Dragon is notable for having externally mounted clipping diodes, a feature that sets it apart from other overdrive pedals on the market.

After perfecting the circuit and developing a working prototype, Jarrod realized that this exceptional pedal should be shared with fellow musicians. Thus, Anode Effects began offering the Dragon to the public, allowing others to experience its distinctive qualities.

The Dragon overdrive pedal is just the beginning for Anode Effects. With a commitment to blending vintage and modern guitar tones in the highest quality manner possible, Jarrod continues to develop new pedals. Each product aims to provide guitarists with unparalleled sound and usability, bridging the gap between the classic and the contemporary.

Join Anode Effects on this journey of innovation and musical excellence, and explore the unique offerings that are redefining the world of guitar pedals.