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Wonderful Audio Technology Pedals

Wonderful Audio Technology (WAT?!) is a cutting-edge effects pedal company founded by the ingenious Mad Tone Scientist, Ralf Gottschalk. Born out of Ralf's passion for innovation and sonic exploration, WAT?! serves as a creative outlet for his unique musical visions.

At WAT?!, the primary focus is on delivering a diverse range of high-quality effects pedals. These are meticulously crafted to meet the needs of musicians seeking to elevate their sound. In addition to the regular line of pedals, WAT?! offers exclusive, limited-edition runs under the banner of WAT?!ever. These special releases are often inspired by Ralf's most daring ideas or feature rare and hard-to-find components, making each pedal a true collector's item.

The success of Wonderful Audio Technology is a testament to the unwavering support of Ralf's family and the invaluable resources provided by the DIY community. Their collective contributions have been instrumental in bringing WAT?!'s groundbreaking products to life.

Welcome to the world of WAT?! – where innovation meets inspiration, and every pedal tells a story.