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Ancient Echos Pedal | Wonderful Audio Technology

Ancient Echos Pedal | Wonderful Audio Technology

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Ancient Echos Pedal Wonderful Audio Technology

Ancient Echos is a unique reverb pedal that combines delay, modulation, and reverb tones to add texture to your tone or create a droned-out ambiance. It doesn't try to emulate any particular reverb sound but instead uses the plate and Belton BRDR-3H chips to create its own unique sound that enhances your playing. This pedal is designed to blur the lines between traditional and ambient reverb tones, offering a range of effects from room tonal thickening to drenched ambient decays and warbled sea cave reflections, all with a touch of low-fi textural colorations.

Ancient Echos Pedal Wonderful Audio Technology Review

Ancient Echos splits your signal in two at its core. One signal is passed through to the output, enhanced by the input buffer and preamp. The other signal passes through the rest of the circuit, undergoing a pre-delay, filtering, and then splitting again. Part of this signal loops back into the pre-delay circuit to create space and add ambiance to your sound. It is also affected by modulation controls, adding gentle sways or swirling effects to the reverberations. The entire affected signal then passes through a reverb circuit, which can provide anything from a light plate-style reverb to the sound of vast, cavernous reflections. It then travels through a low-pass filter and returns to mix in with the dry signal.

Ancient Echos Pedal Wonderful Audio Technology Features

  • Combines delay, modulation, and reverb to create unique textures or droned-out ambiance.
  • Capable of producing a wide range of tones, from room thickening and springy neo-surf rock to ambient decays and cavernous echoes.
  • Splits your signal in two, enhancing one while processing the other through pre-delay, modulation, and reverb circuits for rich, ambient textures.
  • Adds gentle sways or sickly swirls to reverberations, with a low-pass filter for blending with the dry signal, perfect for creative exploration.
  • Pushes the PT2399 and Belton BRDR-3H chips to their limits, offering a distinctive, original sound.

Ancient Echos Pedal Wonderful Audio Technology Controls

  • Level: The Reverb’s effect level, the dry signal is always constant.
  • Dampen: Low-pass filter on the reverb signal.  Counterclockwise is brighter, clockwise is darker.  The darker settings will have an impact on how much the Reflections knob can reflect your signal.
  • Echo: Pre-delay for the reverb portion of the circuit.  Low (counterclockwise) pre-delay will create more “classic” reverb tones (quotes because this is in no way a classic reverb pedal). Higher delay times are like lobbing a ball of sound through the air and having it hit the chamber wall of a catacomb so that it bounces all over the place.
  • Resonance: Control for the depth or size of the reverb. Counterclockwise is a small room and clockwise is, well, bigger.  At the bigger settings you’ll start to hear the drones of modulation.
  • Reflections: The heart of Ancient Echos – and controls the feedback loop within the delay line.  The overall experience of this knob is tied to the Echo control.  Longer Echos will give the reflections a more traditional delay-type of feel, while shorter ones will create a more droning atmospheric ambiance.
  • Modulation Section: The Rate and Depth will modulate the delay, but the overall effect of these control will vary with the Echo knob. Low Echo settings will result in a more chorus-like vibe, while higher Echo settings will almost have a tremolo feel to it.
  • Bypass: Effect on and off, wired for true bypass.
  • Summon: ​Momentary switch which calls upon the Ancients to fill the room with their other-worldly sounds, or in other words, turns the Reflections control all the way up.
  • Expression Jack: Expression control of the Reflections.  This should work with any expression pedal, though the overall feel might change based on the pedal’s resistance.
  • Internal Volume Trimmer: Trim pot that controls the output volume of the pedal. This was designed as a set-and-forget control, which is set to unity gain. But everyone’s rig is a bit different so it is there in case you need it.

Ancient Echos Pedal Wonderful Audio Technology Power Requirements

  • 9volt - Center Negative 2.1mm Barrel
  • Higher Voltages will damage the pedal
  • Current Draw: ~97mA

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