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What is a Chorus Pedal?

Ever wondered how your favorite guitarist makes their tone sparkly, swirly, and jangly? More often than not, it’s with the help of a chorus pedal.

This effect pedal works by duplicating your instrument's signal and then slightly altering the pitch and timing of the duplicate signal before blending it with the original. It mimics the natural variations in timing and pitch that occur when multiple instruments play the same notes together, producing a lush, shimmering sound.

Most chorus pedals offer controls for depth, rate, and mix, allowing you to dial in subtle to intense modulation depending on your preference.

History of the Chorus Pedal

The first chorus pedal emerged in the late 1970s, revolutionizing the way musicians made music. Pioneered by brands like Boss, Electro Harmonix, and TC Electronic, the modulation effect pedal became an instant staple in the music industry.

Throughout the 1980s, chorus pedals were synonymous with the lush, expansive sounds of the era. The pedal’s ability to replicate the rich and multi-voiced studio effects in a live setting made it a pedalboard mainstay of guitarists and bassists.

Who uses Chorus Pedals?

Chorus pedals are versatile, making them popular across various music genres, including rock, pop, shoegaze, new wave, and post-punk music.

Guitar legends like Andy Summers of The Police and Kurt Cobain of Nirvana use chorus pedals to create their distinctive tones. Summers uses it with clean guitar tones to add a sparkling quality to his chords and arpeggios, while Cobain pairs it with distortion to create a thick, swirling texture.

Bassists also employ chorus pedals to add dimension and movement to their tone, with Peter Hook of Joy Division and New Order being notable examples. He uses the effect to embed his signature tone into his melodically atmospheric basslines.

Even keyboard players integrate chorus pedals to create rich, layered sounds in their performances. In the realm of production, the effect is utilized in adding unique character to recordings, from subtle warmth to dramatic, wave-like effects. 

Why You Need a Chorus Pedal

Whether used in adding enhancements to a guitar line or creating a dramatically lush soundscape, a chorus pedal is a tool for musicians like you looking to diversify and enrich your tonal palette.

This effect’s versatility fits seamlessly into a variety of musical genres, giving you the freedom to play with it on your own accord. From live performances to studio recordings, the pedal allows you to lay a fuller, more immersive auditory experience in your music.

Adding depth, richness, and texture to your tone, chorus pedals provide an invaluable instrument for creative sonic exploration. Its ability to enrich and diversify your sound makes the effect a must-have for any serious musician.

Where to Buy Chorus Pedals

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