• DeathCloud Rocks


    Exemplary Customer service! Personable staff assisted in overcoming logistics obstacles efficiently and quickly. Great choice for your music marketplace needs. P.s. def not a bot, they helped me score a slick OBNE limited colorway, super stoked, great stuff

    -Drew P.



    The pedal arrived on time and in perfect condition. I mentioned that I liked the purple but was open to whatever they had and I got a really sharp magenta/hot pink version with purple knobs. It is the best looking pedal on my board and I couldn't be happier. It is solid and does everything that I wanted it to do. Nice and clean boost all the way to super fuzzy distortion. Great job Mid-Fi and thanks to Lauren from Death Cloud for your support.

    -Sean M.

  • Fiddy for an Ounce


    This pedal is the tone I had in my head when I pictured fuzz. Nick Rogers is a genius at building. The staff at DeathCloud is awesome. Dylan personally called me and Lauren goes up and beyond at service. Buy it now and buy it from them. You won't regret it!

    -Jesse D.

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  • Same Day Shipping

    All of the pedals that we have in stock ship the same day you order it (if ordered before 5:00pm PST). There's a lot of wait time in this industry, so we like to be as fast as we can. We hold many pedals in stock and are constantly adding more to our inventory.

  • Pedals Always Ship in a Box

    We enjoy keeping and displaying our pedal boxes just as much as the pedals themselves. For this reason, we don't ship pedals in bags! This prevents the pedal box from sustaining injuries during its journey to you. A box within a box is a little extra, but we think it's worth it.

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