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Mid-Fi Electronics LSD1820 Propaganda Module Pedal

Mid-Fi Electronics LSD1820 Propaganda Module Pedal

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This pedal is delayed until July 21st. The pedal builder is moving and is unavailable to build during the 7th-20th. Place your order today to be first in line when he returns!

Mid-Fi Electronics LSD1820 Propaganda Module Pedal

This is a Lo-fi Sampler/Sequencer that comes with a built-in microphone. It has several controls that allow you to record and play back sounds. The Arm button lets you choose which channel (1 through 4) you want to record to. The Rec button is for recording to the selected channel. The Volume control adjusts the overall output level. The Speed control sets the rate at which the sequencer triggers the samples. The Sample Rate control adjusts the speed, pitch, and quality of each channel's sample during recording and playback.

Mid-Fi Electronics LSD1820 Propaganda Module Review

When recording a sample, you can set the Sample Rate control anywhere from fully counter-clockwise to around 3 O’clock (anything higher won't record). During playback, you can set it to any position. The Gate/Off/Full button sets the playback style of each channel's sample playback. The Gate setting triggers the sample each time the sequencer reaches that channel and stops it when it moves on to the next channel. The Off setting disables the sample, while the Full setting triggers the sample each time the sequencer reaches that channel and allows it to continue playing until completed. In this mode, the sample won't retrigger until it has finished playing.

The Mic control adjusts the input level of the built-in microphone. Closer and louder sources will be more distorted, while quieter and more distant sounds will be more noisy and have more clicks and artifacts. The Remote button can accept a normally open momentary switch for hands-free recording. Finally, the Output goes to your amp/mixer, etc. 

This unit is powered by a 9v DC negative center supply, which is the same type of supply that most guitar pedals use. The current draw is 60mA.

Mid-Fi Electronics pedals come in a random color. The pedal makers choose at random when creating them. Please note that the pedal you receive will most likely be a different color than what is pictured in this listing. We cannot provide returns due to the pedal's color. You can however, request a certain color while ordering, and we'll pass the request to the manufacturer before proceeding. If you have a special color request, it must be done during the ordering process.