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Dirty Haggard 797 Pedal | All Colors Available

Dirty Haggard 797 Pedal | All Colors Available

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797 Pedal Dirty Haggard Audio

"Budget Boutique". The 797 lo-fi overdrive is a vintage overdrive circuit that I have modified to be simple to use yet still has lots of output boost (15dB) and low noise. I based it around the 250 overdrive/preamp, but I doubled the component count to shape the overall tone and gain character while significantly reducing the noise floor.

Dirty Haggard 797 Pedal Review

What's in the Box of the Dirty Haggard Audio 797 Pedal?

  • Dirty Haggard Audio 797 Pedal
  • Dirty Haggard Branded Pedal Box
  • Random Dirty Haggard Sticker

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