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Joe Gore Filth Fuzz Pedal

Joe Gore Filth Fuzz Pedal

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Joe Gore Filth Fuzz Pedal

The Filth Fuzz is a masterpiece of sonic madness, delivering amazing sustain, sweetly aggressive tones, and just enough quirky weirdness to grab attention. Lauded by Guitar Player magazine and praised by Vintage Guitar magazine for its incredible versatility, this pedal can effortlessly switch from '60s psych fuzz to smooth Santana-esque overdrive to doomsday Black Sabbath heaviness.

Joe Gore Filth Fuzz Pedal Review

Inspired by the love for complex, knob-laden fuzzes, Filth Fuzz simplifies the chaos with just four controls, offering a curated array of cool and quirky fuzz flavors. The drive and level knobs provide a wide range of thick, molten tones, while the two unique sliders adjust transistor voltages, transforming the core character of the fuzz for a truly dynamic and versatile sound.

Joe Gore Filth Fuzz Pedal Controls

  • Drive
    • Provides a wide range of sounds, from molten-lava thick at high settings to slightly cooled lava at lower settings.
  • Level
    • Standard volume control.
  • Two Sliders
    • Not traditional tone controls.
    • Alter voltages at the transistors.
    • Change tone, timbre, response, attack, sustain, and compression.
    • Radically transform the fuzz’s core character rather than just EQing a single core tone.

Joe Gore Filth Fuzz Pedal Features

  • Design Inspiration: Inspired by complex, knob-laden fuzzes collected over decades.
  • Endorsements:
    • Praised by Guitar Player magazine for "amazing sustain, sweetly aggro tones, and just enough sonic weirdness."
    • Vintage Guitar magazine highlighted its versatility, from '60s psych fuzz to smooth overdrive to heavy Sabbath-like distortion.
  • Sound Characteristics:
    • Delivers a diverse array of fuzz tones.
    • Highly responsive to modifications from the control set, guitar volume, and pick attack.
  • Overall Experience: Highly praised for its ability to consistently deliver great sounds with minimal effort.

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