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Schu-Tone Luna Obscura Pedal

Schu-Tone Luna Obscura Pedal

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Schu-Tone Luna Obscura Pedal

The Luna Obscura is an all-in-one pedalboard in a single pedal. Based on David Gilmour’s rig from the Dark Side of the Moon era, this pedal has 4 separate pedals to choose from.

Schu-Tone Luna Obscura Pedal Review

Schu-Tone Luna Obscura Pedal Fuzz

The Fuzz is based on a silicon fuzz face that is perfect for nailing searing lead tones. The Bright and Body controls give you additional control over the sounds you get from the fuzz.

Schu-Tone Luna Obscura Pedal Boost

The Boost Pedal is based on the orange Powerbooster. The Drive and Volume controls work together to give you amazing overdrive sounds and tons of volume boost on tap. What makes the Boost special is the Treble and Bass controls.

Schu-Tone Luna Obscura Pedal EQ

The EQ section allows you to cut and boost the high and low end, allowing you to shape the sound to what you need.

Schu-Tone Luna Obscura Pedal Vibe

The Vibe is a photocell and bulb based Uni-Vibe Circuit. Swirling modulation is at your fingertips as you move the Speed and Depth controls. From light modulation to seasick movement, it is all available to you. A Volume control for the Vibe makes sure that you will not experience any volume drop when you kick the vibe on.

Schu-Tone Luna Obscura Pedal Delay

The Delay is a 4-head rhythmic delay based on the Binson Echorec unit. Unlike the Binson, this Delay is capable of up to 800ms of delay. Mix and Swell controls let you dial in how prominent the delay is in the mix and set the amount of repeats you hear. What is unique about this delay is the 4 separate heads. Have one head active for single delays, or turn on multiple heads to create rhythmic delay patterns.

If you are looking for a simple grab-and-go pedalboard solution or are just a massive fan of Dark Side of the Moon, the Schu-Tone Luna Obscura is the pedal for you!

Schu-Tone Luna Obscura Pedal Controls


Volume: Sets the overall level of fuzz.
Fuzz: Controls the amount of fuzziness of the signal.
Brite: Adjusts the high-end of fuzz tone.
Body: Controls the amount of thickness of fuzz sound.


Volume: Sets the overall volume of boost.
Drive: Controls the amount of gain in the boost.
Treble: Cuts or boosts high-end.
Bass: Cuts or boosts low end.


Speed: Sets the speed of vibe.
Depth: Controls the intensity of vibe.
Volume: Sets the overall level of vibe signal.
Chorus/Vibrato: Adds dry signal for chorus mode, removes for vibe.


Delay: Sets delay time.
Mix: Controls the amount of delay signal.
Swell: Adjusts amount of repeats.
Heads: Adds delay heads. 1 is the shortest, and 4 is the longest. Use any combination of heads.

Schu-Tone Luna Obscura Pedal Specs

  • 7.4″ x 4.72″ x 1.4″
  • Die-cast aluminum enclosure
  • Soft-Touch Relay Bypass operation
  • Power with standard +9VDC center negative supply
  • Current Draw: 335mA
  • No battery option

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