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Time Shadows Pedal V2 | EarthQuaker Devices & Death By Audio Collaboration

Time Shadows Pedal V2 | EarthQuaker Devices & Death By Audio Collaboration

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Time Shadows Pedal V2

Unleash your creativity with the Time Shadows, the latest collaboration from EarthQuaker Devices and Death By Audio—a revolutionary pedal offering three distinct soundscapes. Flip between EarthQuaker’s pitch-morphed fuzz delay, Death By Audio’s multi-delay filter remorphinator, and a mind-bending pitch-warping delay, each designed to inspire and elevate your music. Perfectly suited for any genre, this pedal delivers unmatched versatility, enhanced by a user-assignable expression jack and 6 preset slots for your favorite settings. Break free from monotony and explore new sonic dimensions with this extraordinary device!

Time Shadows Pedal V2 Review

Time Shadows Pedal V2 Features

  • V2 Update to the original limited edition Time Shadows with an added 3rd mode and new features.
  • EQD Mode is an envelope-controlled sub-octave filter delay.
  • !¡ Mode is a dual delay where each repeat simultaneously shifts up and down with each regeneration.
  • DBA Mode is a multi-delay regenerating filter
  • Time, Span, and Filter knobs dial in the sound in each of the 3 modes
  • User-assignable expression control
  • Two global operating modes which are indicated by the color of the Save/Recall switch:
    • Green = Live Mode
    • Red = Preset Mode
  • True bypass

What's in the Box of the Time Shadows Pedal V2?

  • Time Shadow Pedal
  • Pedal Box with Artwork
  • Cloth Pedal Bag
  • EarthQuaker Devices Sticker
  • Time Shadow Pedal Manual

Time Shadows Pedal V2 Controls

Both sides share the same simple controls: Time, Span, and Filter. While they control the same parameters, you’ll get wildly different results in each mode.

  • Time: Controls the delay time.
  • Span: Controls the intensity of repletion.
  • Filter: Arguably the most fun control on Time Shadows! On the EQD side, this controls an envelope for the filter frequency and a gate for the cutoff to the input of the delay. On the DBA side, this controls the filter frequency as well as the shift point of a precisely phased delay line for pole-zero interpolation.

Time Shadows Pedal V2 Presets

Time Shadows has six available preset slots for you to save and recall your favorite settings. The settings for each of the three controls, the mode switch and the expression jack assignment can be saved and recalled in any of the slots.

Saving a preset:

  1. Turn the Preset rotary switch to the desired location you wish to save your preset.
  2. Dial in the settings you want to save. Remember; Expression pe
    dal assignment and Modes can also be saved!
  3. Hold the Save/Recall switch down until the LED flashes between green and red and then release.
  4. Your preset is now saved!

Recall a preset:

  1. Select the desired preset you wish to use with the Preset selector
    switch, and do one of the two following actions:
  2. When the pedal is activated and the effect is in use, hold down the foot switch for at least 0.75 seconds, and it will switch from Live Mode to Preset Mode. You can switch between Live and Preset mode on the fly!
  3. Tap the lighted Save/Recall switch. The switch will turn from green to red, indicating you are now in preset mode. Tap again, and the switch will turn from red to green, indicating you are in live mode.

Edit/Overwrite a preset:

  1. Once in Preset Mode (the lighted Save/Recall switch will be red), make the desired changes to any of the controls in the selected preset. The Save/Recall switch will begin to flash red; indicating a change has been made to the stored preset. Any controls that are not changed will remain as previously saved.
  2. Hold the Save/Recall switch down until the LED flashes between green and red and then release.
  3. The save switch LED will return to static red and the previous preset has been overwritten.

Helpful Preset tips:

  • Different EXP assignments can be saved in each preset!
  • Presets can be stored and overwritten when Time Shadows is in Live or Preset Mode.
  • To make changes to an existing preset, you must first be in Preset Mode before making the desired changes.
  • There is no undo for preset saving, so make sure you are not overwriting your favorite sound, especially when you are saving presets from Live Mode!

Time Shadows Pedal V2 Expression Control

Use any TRS expression pedal to take control over the Time, Span or Filter! Time Shadows ships with the EXP jack mapped to the Span control. Follow these steps to reassign the EXP functionality:

  1. Insert the expression pedal TRS plug into the EXP jack.
  2. Place the expression pedal in the toe down position.
  3. Turn the panel control on the Time Shadows that you wish to put under control of the expression pedal. It doesn’t matter how far or which direction you turn the control.
  4. Put the expression pedal in the heel down position.
  5. This control is now assigned to the EXP jack and can be used with an expression

Helpful Expression assignment tips:

  • If you turn the panel control that is assigned to the EXP jack while the expression pedal is plugged in, the panel control will override the expression pedal setting. The expression pedal will reassume control the next time it is used.
  • Different EXP assignments can be saved in each preset!
  • You can also use Control Voltage with the EXP Jack! The CV range is 0 to 3.3v.

TRS expression pedal wiring:
Tip= Wiper
Ring= +3.3V
Sleeve= Ground

Time Shadows Pedal V2 Specs

  • Dimensions: 4.75 x 2.50 x 2.25 in. (121 x 64 x 57 mm) with knobs
  • Current Draw: 75 mA
  • Input Impedance: 500kΩ
  • Output Impedance: 100 Ω
  • Flexi-Switch® Technology: This device features Flexi-Switch® Technology! This relay-based, true bypass switching style allows you to simultaneously use momentary and latching style switching.
    • For standard latching operation, tap the footswitch once to activate the effect and then tap again to bypass.
    • For momentary operation, hold the footswitch down for as long as you’d like to use the effect. Once you release the switch the effect will be bypassed.
    • Since the switching is relay based, it requires power to pass signal.
  • Power: This device takes a standard 9 volt DC power supply with a 2.1mm negative center barrel. We always recommend pedal-specific, transformer-isolated wall-wart power supplies or multiple isolated-output supplies. Pedals will make extra noise if there is ripple or unclean power. Switching-type power supplies, daisy chains and non-pedal specific power supplies do not filter dirty power as well and let through unwanted noise. DO NOT RUN AT HIGHER VOLTAGES!
  • Boxed Dimensions: 5.25 x 3.25 x 3.25 in. (133.35 x 82.55 x 82.55 mm)
  • Out of Box Dimensions: 5 x 2.625 x 2.125 in. (127 x 67 x 54 mm)
  • Boxed Weight: 13.84 oz – 392.36 g
  • Out of Box Weight: 10.08 oz – 285.76 g

Time Shadows Pedal V2 Warranty

All EarthQuaker Devices pedals come with a limited lifetime warranty. If it breaks, they'll fix it.

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