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Apocalypse Death By Audio Pedal

Apocalypse Death By Audio Pedal

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Apocalypse Death By Audio Pedal

The Apocalypse is a versatile fuzz pedal that can produce five unique and wild fuzz tones. It features selectable post-amplifiers that can be used to route the overdriven signal to the desired tone path. You can choose from any of the five signal paths to achieve your desired apocalyptic sound. To refine your tone even further, you can use the Sweepable Frequency Equalizer. This pedal can be used as a boost for solos, an amp simulator for recording, your main fuzz sound, a bass booster, or even to beef up, blast out, destroy, or supercharge any other instrument.

Apocalypse Death By Audio Pedal Review

Apocalypse Death By Audio Pedal Controls

Rotary Selector:

  •  Twin-T Scoop: A circuit adding bass and treble simultaneously. Quieter volume than the rest.
  •  War Fuzz: A very full and dynamic distortion with rich harmonics and sustain.
  •  Dual J-FET: Similar to the War Fuzz setting using dual J-FETs to get its sound.
  •  Octave Rect: Sums the bottom and top halves of a waveform to create an octave up.
  •  Gain x1000: The gain is cranked super high on this post amp causing erratic results.

Vol: Adjusts the output volume of the pedal.

Drive: Controls the volume of the initial preamp inside the pedal. Turn it up to get more distortion and fuzz or pull it back to get cleaner overdrives and boosts.

Sweepable Frequency Equalizer: This is a special tone knob designed to function as a multitude of tone controls simultaneously. Its range is extreme, starting with a bass booster that fades into a mid scoop, followed by a mid boost, and eventually into a few stages of treble-boosting to give you a beautiful bright sound.

Apocalypse Death By Audio Pedal Specs

Dimensions: 5.87" x 4.72" x 2.46" (including hardware).

Weight: 20 oz.

Power: 9V (runs on standard 2.1mm negative center 9V adapter or included 9V battery).

Current Draw: 5.8 mA

What's in the Box of our Apocalypse Death By Audio Pedal?

  • Apocalypse Pedal
  • Pedal Box with Logo
  • Death By Audio and DeathCloud Stickers
  • Catalog
  • Candy

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