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Dirty Haggard Degrade Pedal | All Colors Available

Dirty Haggard Degrade Pedal | All Colors Available

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Degrade Pedal Dirty Haggard Audio

This pedal requires a bit more explanation compared to my other offerings. With the 'Mix' control set to maximum (100% effect), it functions as a distortion-leaning gated fuzz, which is ideal for palm-muting. When the 'Mix' is set to minimum (mostly dry), it becomes more of a harmonic enhancer. If you turn the mix up between approximately 5-15%, it becomes a parallel clean/overdrive. Between 16%-40%, it sounds more like a distortion with a touch of clean tone mixed in. If you set the mix beyond 40%, it goes back to the original fuzz sound with a touch of clean up to full-on distortiony fuzz.

Dirty Haggard Degrade Review

But that's just the one knob. The 'Clean Filter' control adjusts how much treble/upper midrange of the clean signal is mixed with the distorted. At minimum, it barely attenuates anything within the human-audible frequency range. At maximum, it attenuates everything above the frequency at a rate of 8dB/octave or 20dB/decade. The single-order filter provides a gentle but highly effective attenuation slope. Anywhere in between min & max will attenuate varying amounts of the highs/upper mids.

The 'Tone' control adjusts the fuzz eq as you would expect, by discriminating against highs when turned counter-clockwise, and against lows when turned clockwise.

The 'Gain' control is also quite obvious in function, but it offers a bit of a surprise depending on what you're running through the circuit. When an energetic signal is run through it with high-gain, it has a tendency to overload itself, causing awkward/hard to repeat glitches of the sound. This leads to a unique and interesting playing experience.

This is a gated-fuzz. You will lose some sustain.

2023 update: This is a weird circuit. It will behave in strange ways with digital pedals/the occasional classic pedal/etc. Embrace the awkward sounds and make some noise! You have been warned.

2022 update: This circuit now ships with an internal volume pot to control the fuzz volume only.

What's in the Box of the Dirty Haggard Audio Degrade Pedal?

  • Dirty Haggard Audio Degrade Pedal
  • Dirty Haggard Branded Pedal Box
  • Random Dirty Haggard Sticker

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