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Dirty Haggard DH-3 DeathFuzz

Dirty Haggard DH-3 DeathFuzz

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Dirty Haggard DH-3 DeathFuzz Pedal

Introducing the Death Fuzz - the perfect fuzz pedal for music enthusiasts who love the FY2/Companion Fuzz by Shin-ei. This pedal reproduces the highly sought-after fuzz of the FY2 but without the notorious buzz. The Death Fuzz comes with a virtually silent noise floor, midrange frequency control, corrected output signal, corrected gain, radio-frequency rejection, and elimination of power-supply noise. Now, you can enjoy the classic sound of the FY2 without any of its flaws.

The Companion Fuzz pedal, like many other fuzz pedals, was notorious for having a high level of noise and hiss. However, the DH-3 Death fuzz pedal comes with a built-in noise-gate that is set to a mild threshold, which effectively eliminates any hiss or noise without affecting the quality of the sound. This means that when you're not playing or during pauses in your riffs, you'll experience complete silence.

Dirty Haggard DH-2 DeathFuzz Review

The DH-3 is the new and improved version of the DH-2. Check out the DH-2 demo below for inspiration on how to use your new DH-3!

Dirty Haggard DH-3 Filter Control

The original Companion Fuzz pedal had a band-reject filter that was hard-wired, causing a constant midrange scoop. The Death Fuzz, on the other hand, has a distinctive filter design that modifies the overall sound character across the entire midrange spectrum. This design allows for better tone control while still maintaining the original feel.

Dirty Haggard DH-3 Power Supply Filtering

To minimize noise and ripple effects, the DC power supply undergoes aggressive low-pass filtering.

Dirty Haggard DH-3 Redesigned Gain Circuitry

The original gain structure of the pedal was not very efficient as it used two out-of-phase transistors that clashed with one another through a variable resistor (gain pot). This caused low-output volume and limited range of function. However, the gain structure has been redesigned to prevent out-of-phase signals from clashing with one another, which results in a much wider range of function. You can now achieve anything from a 'voltage starved' sound to full brutality with the pedal.

Dirty Haggard DH-3 Added Output Amplifier

The low output signal of the original has been corrected by the added output amplifier. Additionally, the new 10k ohm low-output impedance makes it compatible with other effects pedals.

Dirty Haggard DH-3 Radio Frequency Rejection

2-stage input filtering prevents radio frequencies from entering the circuit, eliminating radio pickup from your amp.

What's in the Box of the Dirty Haggard Audio DH-3 DeathFuzz Pedal?

  • Dirty Haggard Audio DH-3 DeathFuzz Pedal
  • Dirty Haggard Branded Pedal Box
  • Random Dirty Haggard Sticker

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